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Role of the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is composed of Resident Club members whose purpose includes fostering good relations between the members and the management of the Club, providing the Club with input on programs, plans and activities of the Club, and advising on the Club's policies, rules and regulations. 

Working Together

  • Equinelle Developments Inc. (EDI) is the owner of the Resident Club and is responsible for the funding of the club's development and maintenance.
  • The Thunderbird Management Services Inc (TMSI) under contract to EDI is the management company responsible for the overall facility.
  • The Resident Club Advisory Board comprised of club members, provides the club with input on programs and activities; and advises on the club's policies, rules and regulations.
  • EDI and TMSI may consult with the Advisory Board regarding any plans and proposals that will affect facilities, activities or dues and fees.

Advisory Board Members

  • Anna Best - Chair, Website Committee, Liaison with EDI
  • Mitch Barsalou- Vice-chair, Newsletter, Liaison with EDI
  • Andre Rancourt - Welcome Committee, Liaison for Social Events
  • John Polak - Golf Committees and Strategic Planning
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